POKÉMON GO - Community Day Announcement

Slakoth may be a notoriously lazy Pokémon, racking up more than 20-hours of sleep time per day, but the Maverick team managed to convince them to feature in the new Pokémon GO Community Day announcement video!

Our latest piece of work for Pokémon GO is now live; "Don’t slack off on June Community Day, featuring Slakoth!" The social-centric video imposes the notoriously sleepy Slakoth in a real-word situation, seemingly making the most of the free transport the woman’s foot provides…

Maverick was responsible for the production of the video in its entirety, from coming up with a creative concept to executing the scripts and editing the footage. The main goal was to produce something that could thrive on social media and create excitement amongst Pokémon GO fans - who all look forward to the app's dedicated Community Days, thanks to the incentives of new Pokémon moves and evolutions, and other in-app bonuses.

We hope you enjoy the Pokémon Go video as much as we do! If you need a hand producing something special, make sure to get in touch with the Maverick team here.