RED BULL - Part Of The Game

On release of their “Part Of The Game” docu-series about esports, Red Bull asked us to help them drive gamers, non-gamers, and esports fans to watch it - so we took advantage of social media in an engaging and interactive way; driving an authentic on-brand message.


We developed a flexible creative approach that allowed us to target different audiences and adapt our message to diverse Red Bull territories worldwide. By using a base structure and adjusting it, to be either more direct or more knowing of internet culture, we targeted a wide and varied audience. Our creative ranged from using subtle pop-culture references appealing to the younger audiences, to challenges appealing to more generalised viewers.


Every asset was formatted to encourage interactivity respective to each platform - engaging audiences through bold/disruptive statements & thought-provoking questions. They worked best on Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook where the channels allow for multi-part posts, replays, direct interactivity (screenshot, swipe, share etc.), and auto-playing videos.

Check out some of the assets here:

We’re not just Maverick by name. If you’d like to discuss potentially working on a similar campaign for your game or would like advice on the best approach for you, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact at