SPARC VR Game Campaign For CCP


We're delighted to see Sparc, a great new VR game, announced today at GDC and for CCP to have chosen Maverick as a partner to work on the creative campaign.  

It's been a really interesting brief to work on; CCP have a great reputation for VR games already and Sparc represents something entirely different and new in the form of "VSport";  a  full body VR experience where players use their motion controllers to throw/serve projectiles at one another, while deflecting and blocking incoming ones.  

Working closely with the CCP team and the Atlanta Studio Maverick helped to shape the positioning and how we were to present the game in the advertising.  Our idea was to draw on the similarity of the new VR game to real life sports that people are familiar with and positioning Sparc as a legitimate sport in it's own right.  And once we got to play the game it was great to experience that this proposition was genuinely delivered - the game was such immense fun to play, simple to pick up, hard to master and we had the whole Maverick team totally immersed in a great new VR experience.

The campaign starts with a Live Action and Key Art concept that involved us casting real sports players, some of which are the top athletes in their fields, and transposing them with the world of the game.  We shot the ad with director Karel van Bellingen, (great to have the chance to work with Karel again) and photographer Dean Northcott.  

We're delighted with how it's turned out and, as there's more to come in the campaign, we're looking forward to both working and playing more with Sparc too.