ALIEN: ISOLATION - "How Will You Survive?" Campaign Case Study


We recently had the pant-wetting pleasure of creating and delivering the TV, Cinema and Radio campaign for SEGA and Creative Assembly’s ‘Alien: Isolation’.

If you haven’t already played it yet, we humbly suggest you do – because it delivers on its promise of making you feel like you are at the heart of this iconic world in a way that none of the previous games in the franchise has been able to.

We played through an early build in the office, and the visceral sense of tension punctuated by extreme terror made us jump even in broad daylight – and we were determined to convey this through the campaign creative.

Working intensely alongside SEGA and CA, we delivered a broad range of dynamic content across Europe and the US, helping to cement the already heightened sense of anticipation in gamers worldwide.

Critical Reception:

“… a chilling new TV spot” – Digital Spy

“… suitably horrifying” – MCV

“… uses old video techniques for new fear” – Wired

“… sets scene for terror” – Polygon


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