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Maverick Accolades

Posted by admin on March 14, 2014
Maverick Accolades Trailer 2014 230114 PRORES

  So while we’ve made loads of Accolades Trailers for our clients we realised that we’ve never actually made one for ourselves.  Here goes some nice work and some of the nice things nice clients say about working with Maverick.    

Slumdog Bazillionaire: Nominated for 5 Games Marketing Awards (oh… and wins Gold)

Posted by admin on March 22, 2012
Slumdog Bazillionaire

The Promax BDA 2012 GMA (Give Maverick Awards) nominations are in. There must have been some mistake, as the panel accidentally put some non-Maverick trailers on the list! But never mind, we”re sporting folks. That”s why we think its fair game to be competing in categories against projects that cost a bazillion dollars. Our plucky […]

Is that a trailer in your pocket?

Posted by Benjamin Lavery on January 17, 2012

We just wanted to touch base to let you know about our latest touch-based game trailer for Little Big Planet on Vita: given the artful Maverick touch to make it all the more… touching. We'd been excited about Sony's new hardware since its announcement, and now that we've smeared our sweaty paws all over it, […]

Little Big Planet

Posted by Benjamin Lavery on February 6, 2011

‘We have been known to call them the Maverick angels…’ write coursework – Media Molecule The History of Video Games Trailer Maverick was given the challenge by Media Molecule of showcasing Little Big Planet 2″s new functionality for the launch of the game, by creating a unique trailer showing the history of computer games and […]

Killzone 2: Developer Diaries

Posted by admin on June 20, 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe wanted Maverick to help push the boundaries of integrating game code with live action, to create an interesting and impactful developer diary. We filmed the developers against a green screen, and then used very clever motion graphics to create an unusual scenario in which it appeared that the developers were actually […]